Clear Aligner Treatment with SureSmile!

Ellis Family Dentistry is excited to offer SureSmile® as a comfortable way to align your smile without traditional metal braces. SureSmile® is a name brand of clear aligners. Receive great results in the shortest possible time with specialized care from your doctor. Let us create a custom treatment plan that aligns (pun intended!) with your smile goals. Contact us today to see if SureSmile® may be right for you!

Digital Impressions

We create a 3D model utilizing a state-of-the-art intraoral scanner called a Primescan. Our doctors review this scan and work with orthodontic specialists to determine the precise movement of your teeth.

Customized Care

You will be able to see your customized treatment plan before committing to SureSmile treatment. You will have periodic appointments with your doctor during treatment to confirm that your teeth are moving in the optimal alignment.  

Radiant Smiles

Clear aligner therapy is used to correct mild crowding, misaligned teeth, open bites, and more. Let us help you achieve all of your smile goals!

Before Treatment 

After Treatment 

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